The Celtic Lands

An outstanding region in NationStates.
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 Welcome to the Celtic Lands

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Royal Family
Royal Family

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Welcome to the Celtic Lands _

Welcome to the Celtic Lands   Welcome to the Celtic Lands EmptySat Nov 13, 2010 6:14 pm

I welcome you to the Celtic Lands and thank you for considering us as a new home for your nation. We are a Modern/Post-Modern Tech region and welcome casual players as well as RPers.

My Oath to the Peoples of the Celtic Lands:
I do hereby affirm my loyalty to the Celtic Lands and swear on my honor to place its interests above all others. I pledge to uphold the region and do all in my power to honor and serve its people in my role as monarch. I acknowledge that in breaking this Oath, I shall commit treason both to the region at large and to each nation sheltered within.
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